over andere tekenaars

op dit pinterestboard heb ik wat plaatsjes verzameld van kunstenaars die me erg aanspreken. Waaronder:
pinco (2)

Sumi-e penseelkunst
zwart wit inkt kunst, vooral uit de comic wereld en de linoleum drukken.

deze webcomics bekijk ik graag:
Anyone for Rhubarb
Formal Sweatpants
The Last Halloween
The Awkward Yeti

deze kunstenaars inspireren me:
Bill Watterson met Calvin & Hobbes. Because of expressive lines (brushwork) and because of alternative perspectives.
Janusz Grabianski. For his expressive brushwork.
Daniel Thing Stiner with Escape from Cubicle Land. Because of page treatment and choice of topic.
Kay Nielsen. illustrator uit de 1920’s. Typische sfeer en aansprekende bladindeling.
Inuit art. For use of shape and counter shape. And animalistic world.
Frank Miller with Sin City. Because of black and white uses and page treatment (he guides the gaze).
Quentin Blake. Just draw! I like his video’s, about how he colours his drawings.
Sven Nordqvist with Pettson and Findus. Topic, style, colouring and page treatment. But most of all topic.
Anna Fiske. Rabbel comic for children. Norwegian. Topic and style.
Chun Eun Sil. For space handling, shapes and interpretations of fairy tales.
Amélie Fléchais. For page, style and colouring.
Michiel Hoving with Dead Rat, fantastic webcartoons from 2001. Including a blues singing bottle fly.

praktische tips van:
George Coghill

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