2: Flying is the easy part.


Better wait for mum & dad to come and help.

This is the second illustration in a month long challenge in which I will make a drawing every day. I’m trying become the illustrator I’ve been in my mind for years now.

How I made illustration 2: Flying is the easy part.
I made a pencil sketch in that notebook which makes the ink bleed. The illustration measures 10 x 21 cm (4 by 8 inches) and I used the same sable mix brush #0 as yesterday (link on that page)
Took a picture, poked at it with Photoshop.

I tried to keep the lines thin and let the colour complete the shapes. Lines didn’t become as thin as I planned and the colouring is… quite “trackpaddy”. But no clown barf and that’s something.

I liked playing with the arrangement of the grass leaves. I took something from my Sumi-é training. However, I went too far and messed it up. It’s quite vertical and busy now.

The bulging eyes I took from Christian Henry who draws Anyone for Rhubarb comics. (He probably wants them back.) More links to artists I like can be found here.

All in all, I had real fun making this. I’m amused to find that in illustration there’s the same occurence as in sculpture and painting. You plan out where you want to go but somewhere along the way you have to go where the art is taking you. Making you look at your creation with fresh eyes. It’s not what you set out to make but it has qualities of its own.

This is not what I set out to make. But it’s a nice second illustration and will be fun to look back at.

Now meet the young Garden Warbler who miscalculated the twig and toppled right over:

jonge tuinfluiter ondersteboven

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3 thoughts on “2: Flying is the easy part.

  1. Very cute! And beautiful. I like this illustration very much. Aandoenlijk (for the bird) is the word that comes to mind…

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