3: Evident love.

When you recognize someone you’ve never met.

How I made illustration 3: Evident love.
Pencil sketch, on a different notebook this time.
Inked it with my Rosemary & Co brush, series 401, size 0. Normal Indian ink. No bleeding this time.
Erased pencil lines. Took a picture with my iPad, emailed it to myself and poked at it with Photoshop.

Luckily this time I did not have to fudge around with white black contrasts.
I accidentily coloured in some ink lines and liked the effect.

I hope you can see what I drew here. The moon and a tea cup, in love. On the window sill there are some feathers and a little toy robot.
(perhaps I should not tell you what I drew and just let you see what you want to see)
(perhaps I should have made some streaks on the window pane, to illustrate it’s glass) (give the moon some texture)
Is it clear the tea cup is not filled nor bubbling? those are little bobbles of love. Perhaps they are better left out.

please tell me what you think.