putting glitter ink in a Pentel Pocket Brush

Diamine Shimmering Ink has particles:

These clog up the fine nibs of my fountain pens Cross Century II and Sailor Chantana 😦

Wonder how the Pentel Pocket Brush will do. The Kuretake brush pen 13 is absolutely fine with it 🙂

First: put a converter in the Pentel. I’m using a Platinum converter. Take off the little gold ring with pliers.

The converter is a bit longer than the original cartridge. Don’t fill it up all the way. I found out the hard way.

Works well. Nice ink! Still pale because I flushed the pen with water.

I will keep a look out how it behaves. The particles in this ink sink to the lowest point fast and will clog the system easily. Will shake before use every time.

Yay for ink matching pen!!

and glittery illustrations, those make me smile 😊