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25: Enjoying Life


two drawings.


One to follow a train of thought that 20: Good Boy inspired.
(The bird was just to warm up. Hence I didn’t erase the pencil lines)
The second one was to enjoy the contrast between the furry bumblebee and the mole (?) in thin lines. Somehow the bumblebee didn’t turn out as rugged as the wolf in 20: Good Boy did. And the mole didn’t get the thin, airy lines I envisioned. Slip of the brush, that. I refilled the brush in a part of the inkwell that had no ink and then didn’t pay attention at pressure when inking.

I did explore the freedom of giving the animals just sticks for limbs. Trying hard not to care too much. To allow myself.

And I tried my hand at colouring with aquarel. I enjoy it more than mumbling in Photoshop. On purpose I used very cheap paint and a brush I probably bought when I was at high school (that would be somewhere in the last century). I work better with cheap materials, it relieves the duty to make it the most beautiful. (black line brushes are exception though. And paper. In those inferior material won’t bring freedom, only frustration)(Oh. I will get frustrated when these paints turn out no to be light fast. Hm. Guess these are internet illustrations after all.)

I enjoy the more accidental bush strokes I used in the colouring. With that cheap brush and unreliable paint (and an untrained hand) I just didn’t bother trying to colour within the lines. As I do with Photoshop.
But I enjoy it only in colouring. In the black lines I don’t enjoy not having absolute control as much…

Also I’m not drawing every day, as you have notices. I now draw when I want to, when I enjoy it. I find I enjoy my ideas for drawing more that way and I no longer feel the pressure of having to perform. These weeks I’m into a Sleep Restriction Therapy program and my daily to-do list was sucking the joy out of my days.
I’ll be cautious this more relaxed attitude doesn’t slip into not drawing at all.

I’ve found that when I start off by looking at drawings I enjoy or illustrators I admire, I easily get in the mood to draw. So for now I’m not worried I’ll loose the motivation to draw.

Two ideas for next month:
1. practise more with each individual drawing. Make several versions of the same drawing. After I finish one I often see things I’d like to do different. I want to explore that. Also: do a warm up.
2. study existing illustrations and copy them. (copy them in my own style, not in the style of the illustrator) (as if I’ve already got my own style! Ha!)
By doing this I get to explore their subjects, their lines, their treatment of space. Chun eun-sil is an artist that really opens my eyes in those respects.

Update: I’ve been just informed that I indeed already have a personal style shining true. I do not see it myself. I see i draw the same as I did when I was 12 years old. I have not developed since then.
However, I know my own eyes and brain ofte see not wjat others see. So I’m just tinkering on, trying to postphone final (e)valuation or justification my my style untill I’ve drawn a year or something. Untill then: keep playing. Keep going when my whim takes me,
Like the 12 year old I’m aparently am.

18: Morning song


notes to self:
– it is another year before you need to do anything with this drawing thing. Until then: just have fun.
– drawing in the morning works best
– select white colour range at 150%, not 200%

9: Why?

but… why does the hedgehog have berries on its spikes?

How I made 9: Why?
pencil sketch in a very small notebook. This drawing is 4 x 9 cm.
roller ball pen
scanned it in

Next time I’d like to be more free with the colouring. More freehand, less colouring between the lines. I’m having fun.

8: Where?


How I made illustration 8: Where?
pencil sketch
inked it with brush and ink. Realized I used the bad note book again, the one that bleeds.
erased pencil
took picture with iPad
Photoshopped a bit

Drawing when you don’t feel like drawing, it works. It doesn’t matter what you draw, as long as you draw.

This time I wanted to have more fun with the lines, using the same two owls from before, when I didn’t feel like drawing either. Pity I used the wrong sketch book, I had not much fun with the lines and the brush. Tomorrow gives a new chance.

7: Who?


How I made illustration 7: Who?

a quick pencil sketch
roller pen
couldn’t find my eraser
picture with Ipad and adjusting size with Photoshop

I was too tired to do anything “real” or to clean this up. Still, a drawing.