3: N-phone (English post)


New! The phone that fits your narcissistic parent to a T!
No dialing, just rejection! In every way!

(mirror, tally and parrot costume optional, for the NP that wasn’t born with them.)

A sketch for my knitter friends who deal with NP’s that will sit by the phone keeping score of how many times their child doesn’t call. To use that against them as a weapon to destroy their sense of selfworth.
Somehow it escapes these parents that a phone works both ways…
Which is just as well because getting a call from your NP is no cupcake!

See the corgi tiptoeing away? It carries a refused cupcake. It had the wrong shade. Or it was 7 minutes late. Or it was positioned wrongly on the plate. Who knows what makes an N angry.

Narcissistic people are an odd bunch in the human population. They look like humans. But they don’t act like humans. They are incapable of it. They lack empathy and their life is all about them.

Interacting with them is very tricky because one should not use the normal ways of human interaction. You should shelter your (sense of) self when interacting with narcissists and accept that all empathy and sympathy will only flow one way and it’s not towards you. This truly demands some serious skills that nobody is born with.
Learning them is hurtful and hard. Narcissists will mangle your heart and your soul and your spirit.

It’s very unsettling to the non-initiated to learn of the existence of these destructive beings that look like humans. Mostly they have to see it to believe it. It’s like you learn that unicorns actually exist. Only they eat souls and spew bile.

Now imagine growing up with one…
Children of this kind of people that manage to somehow grow themselves into (somewhat) functional human beings are heroes, through and through.
You should have cupcakes and time to knit for yourselves every day!


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