1 Augustus: looking good

Welcome to the new blog! Well, it’s the old blog but in a new dress.

The July long challenge of drawing each day is done. I think I’m in the habit of drawing now. Or nearly there. I’ll keep drawing I’m sure.

I’ve changed the appearance of the blog into a place I myself like to visit and get in the mood to do some drawing each day. For me it’s about not feeling intimidated by other artists’ skills or my own perfectionism or feeling pressured to post every day. Instead I hope to go here every morning, remind myself what the right mood is for me and then start drawing.
So all the furnishings you see here, such as font and header, are here for me… sorry. Ooh, look, shiny drawing!


I plan to fill this blog with carefree drawings until I’m about healed from ME/CFS which is planned for May 2015. (Yes! Can you believe it?! Bedridden for years, living on only 3 spoons a day and now I’m on my way to health! Some of the story is found here. How I think ME/CFS works is found here. I am proof, I’m at 13 spoons these days!)
From now till then I’ll try to draw and just play with it. No plans. No projects.

August 2014 is the month in which I turn 43. The previous title of this blog, alive at 42, no longer applies. I expect to make it through my 43rd year just fine.
My 42nd year of life was… madness. And enlightening. And totally unexpected in many ways.

I no longer have a bone to pick with Douglas Adams’ work or with all the burdens I hoisted onto my shoulders while growing up (i.e. until I reached the age of 40). It’s all in the past now. I’m looking forward to being a free adult from here until I’m 80 years old. I get to do whatever I want! And it might just be drawing cats and fairytales.

(When I get to 80 years and older I expect be a quirky old lady.)(Until then I’ll just be a quirky lady.)

The new name I chose for this blog is Snorrepost. Again: for me. Friendly, cattish, cup of tea. Making me want to grab that brush. I briefly considered Kwastkat as a name but it’s a bit of a tong breaker, don’t you think?

Also: it will be in Dutch. Most of my friends visiting here are Dutch. I’m Dutch. Lillepoes is Dutch.

English speaking friends can visit the same drawings without Dutch commentary over at my tumblr account snorrepost.tumblr.com. Or they can just comment in English.

Here now starts the new blog:
Welkom op Snorrepost!


3 thoughts on “1 Augustus: looking good

  1. ‘Snorrepost’ does sound just fine, very fine!
    You really picked yourself up with drawing! Awfully nice 🙂 The cats look great and I’m looking forward seeing more of them and others.
    Hurray for you!

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