31: page of carefree cats



I just filled a page with cats.

Four of them are based on existing drawings on the internet, one by Rayne van Sing, and I made some pencil lines before inking. But after those four I just started brushing cats in ink freehand. I just put down a tail and thought up the cat attached to it.

Soon I started with ears instead of tails. A cat with personality flows much easier from the ears than from the tail, don’t you think?

Incidentally I just asked my own cat, who was deep asleep, in a calm voice: “Lillepoes, would you like a treat?” and she was up like lightning. Her flow might have been a bit sleep groggy but she definitely starts from her ears.

Here’s a picture from Lillepoes:

(the wig is photoshopped) She’s a shorthaired Birman, the brunt of the litter from an irresponsible breeder. She has health issues because of that. Inbreeding is so dumb. But Lillepoes is a delight.

I found new features in my brush, like the more chunky style of the little dude sitting in the middle. Fun to do and so expressive. I do recognize that style from an existing comic…

I like how this brush can do both: sleek sumi-é style lines and chunky lines. It’s a tad unreliable for sumi-é lines though, compared to true sumi-é brushes. It adds to the not-being-able-to-control-everything-ness which is something I ought to embrace. And I try to do so and it is liberating.
Did I tell you? I killed off my joy in Japanese brushwork because I let ambitions take over, I started to create for imaginary costumers. It killed the process of joyful creating and I haven’t been brushing in the Japanese way since.
So it’s nice to see something come back in these cats and not worry about things.

Hey, this was fun to do! Pretty carefree and fun. Will do again.

This is the last day of my July 2014 challenge of making a drawing each day.
Come tomorrow this blog will have a new name and a new angle. But still the same purpose: getting me to draw and show them despite hesitance. See you tomorrow!


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