29: three cats and a bumblebee

This cat is sketched after a stock photo:














I thought it looked pretty grumpy so I redrew it in a happy state:













this is a x-mas cat I have hanging in the hallway. The bauble is friendly, this drawing is awful. But I’m sharing anyway.



and a happy bumblebee which would benefit a lot from colouring.






But unfortunately I’m having trouble getting things done. I’m participating in a sleep restriction project and I’m under PMS both of which make it not easy to sit down and play.

I also feel everything has been done by others and much better too. Today I discovered the work of Amélie Fléchais and I am floored. The way she treats her pages, the colouring, the fun in the details, the stories, the whole atmosphere and the things she accomplishes. It is wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

And it stops me right in my tracks.

It enforces the hormonal whispers that I’m a failure. And it raises suspicions that having a public blog is not the right way for me to do this drawing thing, I lost my carefree approach and I feel a daily duty to post. Lastly: looking at examples such as Fléchais makes me feel that more time each day should be spend sketching and drawing to get anywhere. A requirement I cannot honour, not yet. If ever.

Three reasons that bug me and make this daily challenge hard to do. So… I’ll have to just wait a few days until I get my sleep and hormones sorted and see what’s what.


7 thoughts on “29: three cats and a bumblebee

  1. I love your drawing.
    Each time Inhave a message that there is a new drawing I look at once.They make me smile and make make day!
    Go on when you feel good,please.

    • dankjewel lieve
      ik doe het mezelf aan, de druk…

      pompompom daar moet toch wat aan te doen zijn.. misschien moet ik nog even in deze frustratiefase zitten voordat de oplossing duidelijk wordt.

  2. To me it matters if an artist can make me feel something. And that is wat you do.
    (perfection is not important or even interesting, you do know that, don’t you?)

  3. Als jij expressie in de tekening stopt -en dat doe je- dan komen ze tot leven 😀
    Zoals die happy bumblebee, enorm knap met in feite zo weinig lijnen.

  4. Amélie Fléchais does wonderful colour but many of her subjects are cliché. Overall, I like your work better, especially the feeling of movement.
    Just passing by.

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