23: Yarn Party


“We’ll just exchange invitations until one sticks.”

I’m always trying to meet up with my knitting and spinning friends but it’s often a hassle to find a time and a place and an energy level that works for everybody. So we’re growing into the habit of just planning dates and parties a lot and see who can make it. It’s a bombardment of yarny invitations!
Individually, we slowly learn to not feel bad to once again have to decline but look forward to a next opportunity.

I made this drawing fast, inspired by the message of a spinner who cannot come to my upcoming party. Perhaps this is a way of drawing that suits me. I get inspired easily. It’s the thinking and planning of the perfect(ish) execution that trips me up.


2 thoughts on “23: Yarn Party

  1. “we slowly learn to not feel bad to once again have to decline”
    Very slowly indeed…. So sorry I have to miss your party… I was really looking forward to it… Better luck next time! Already looking forward to your next party! (Or maybe mine ;o))

  2. Spontane expressie van jou als beelddenkster… inclusief de bulten/hobbels…
    Such fun 🙂 , love it …

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