5: my spoon machine


I wish I had one.

How I made illustration 5: my spoon machine.
pencil drawing in a notebook.

I am too tired today to make a proper drawing.
But I’d really like to draw a spoon machine. Owned by a quirky lady, standing proud next to it. It’s in an old wooden barn and the kids next door have seen her carry in all sorts of weird equipment. Strange noises too. Then smoke bellowing out. The lady running disheveled from the barn. She’s getting back in there, determined, holding some piece of a tool.
The kids’ imaginations runs wild. At the very least she must be a witch!
In the end it emerges: she build herself a spoon machine. Because that’s a true hearts’ desire: to make spoons. “Stamp” them? I don’t know. You should pull a lever and all sorts of pneumatic forces make a spoon in a mold.

The machine should not be a black box but should give some hints of what’s involved. Molds. Levers. Polishing equipment. Also, it should have a big lever on the outside, with a red sphere on it.


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