1: taking a sensible walk


When taking a walk wearing a skirt with deep pockets and ruffles is the smart thing to do. Skirts help, especially when you don’t want to take a walk but do so anyway “because walking is good for you”.


This is the first illustration of my month of daily illustrations challenge. It’s a challenge I set myself to get into the habit of drawing.

I’m not very proud of this drawing, but hey, I made a drawing today and it’s online. First challenge met. (And I do actually feel that skirts with pockets and ruffles are important to my mental well being. Are they to yours?)


how I made illustration 1: a sensible walk

This drawing was sketched with regular pencil in a new note book (15×20 cm). The drawing measures about 15 x 15 cm. (6 inch x 6 inch )
It was inked with regular black waterproof ink and a small brush (Rosemary&Co’s Pointed Sable-mix 401 size 0) which I had never used before. I like this brush very much!
I learned that the paper has a texture that invites the ink to “travel” outside of the line…
Then I erased the pencil lines, took a picture and used Photoshop to add some colour.

How do other people do colouring? I just opened the photo in photoshop and poked a bit at it… must research. (don’t have a writing pad or pencil)

That darker green strip in the middle of the grass land is the sloping bank of a little canal that flows in the fields nearby here. I walk there, sour mooded or not. In my ruffled skirt. Which has deep pockets.

Your opinion is welcome  🙂


5 thoughts on “1: taking a sensible walk

  1. Lovely illustration!
    I find it cool that somehow I get the feeling that the person in the picture is actually moving really fast and light, almost hovering above the ground, despite her posture which suggests more weight and slowness. Symbolic? 😛

  2. Oh, one more thing: of course you probably realize that the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. Just sayin’. Might not be a coincidence.

  3. LOL @ Meilindis’ second comment! ;o) (and I agree with her first comment. Me = echo ;o))
    I recognize your dress! (That pretty felted one ;o))

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